[Video] Before 'Happy Death Day 2U,' Let's Recap the Events of the First Film - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Before ‘Happy Death Day 2U,’ Let’s Recap the Events of the First Film



Ideally, everyone who’s excited to see Happy Death Day 2U this week will take the time to revisit Happy Death Day beforehand, but we realize that life can get in the way of such plans way too easily. So too does YouTube’s deffinition, who wants to make sure you remember everything you need to remember about the first film before you see its sequel this week.

In this video recap of Christopher Landon’s 2017 franchise-starter, he quickly recaps the events of Happy Death Day (in just over 3 minutes) as a nice little refresher course.

What was all that about a poison cupcake? Brush up below!

Tree and Babyface return in Happy Death Day 2U on February 13th.

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